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That checkbox continued to be unchecked even though I tried to check it. Do you think the notification sounds will come through anyway? Delighted it worked for you. That last check box might not check if you have location services disabled or something like that.

Skip to main content. Search this site. Hi All, I have just solved a problem regarding Facebook notifications on iOS that has been annoying me for a long time.

To do this: Open your Facebook app on your iOS device. Double tap the More tab at the bottom right of the screen. Scroll the page down, or keep flicking until you get to the Settings options in the left side menu, and double tap. On the dialogue that pops up Double tap account settings, and while in Settings, you need to double tap on notifications and then double tap on mobile. VoiceOver should now read a series of check boxes, and for there to be sound, these all need to be checked. Additionally, you need to Double tap the Edit link towards the top right of the screen with all the check boxes.

VoiceOver should then focus on two new check boxes which are all notifications and only important notifications. Choose all notifications and Double tap the Back button towards the top left of the screen. When you have made the required changes, there is no Done button, just a Back button which will bring you to the previous screen.

Double tap Mobile again, and now the push notification should be set to all notifications instead of only important. Keep double tapping Back until you get to the left side menu again, and go about your Facebook business as normal. Hopefully, the next time you receive a notification from Facebook, it will have the standard sound to accompany it.

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A Simple Guide on How to Turn Off Notifications on an iPhone or iPad | Digital Trends

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Turn Off Notification Sound in Facebook Messenger App on iPhone [How-to]

Wireless Infrastructure. Cloud Infrastructure. Careers and Certifications. IT Life. Network Computing. Dark Reading. Tech Library. About Us. IT Leadership. Data Management. Kristin Burnham News. Connect Directly. Interop Preview. We welcome your comments on this topic on our social media channels, or [contact us directly] with questions about the site. Email This. White Papers. Kristin Burnham , User Rank: I equate FB chat with text messaging, but for a different group of friends. It's never been my experience that I or my friends camp out and wait to see who's on Facebook to send a message -- I never expect anyone to respond instantaneously though sometimes that happens and we strike up a conversation.

I think everyone has their preferred mode of communication.

No notification sound on iPhone with Facebook App, unless...

For example, I have friends who won't respond to emails, but if you message them on FB, they'll reply. I have others who don't use FB chat, but they'll use Gchat. I'll email other friends to make plans instead of doing it via text.

Depends on the person. I take that a step further, Thomas. Not only is it not appealing, but I dislike the fact that someone could camp out and wait for me to be on Facebook to ping me with a message. I have enough communication tools and services to keep track of without adding more that can't flex to meet my preferences. Thomas Claburn , User Rank: Buying into Facebook's proprietary messaging system doesn't really have any appeal for me.

Great article. Interestingly, I was asked by a friend over the weekend how to turn off chat heads, and now I have turned off the notifications in Messenger.

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I don't think that I need notifications pushed to the app, so I will test this out and see. I get why Facebook makes this difficult to do on Android, because they want to make sure people get hooked. But I personally tire of constant notifications. Laurianne , User Rank: I sent some FB messages this weekend, but I don't think I am going to miss the chat.

no facebook notification sound ios 6 No facebook notification sound ios 6
no facebook notification sound ios 6 No facebook notification sound ios 6
no facebook notification sound ios 6 No facebook notification sound ios 6
no facebook notification sound ios 6 No facebook notification sound ios 6
no facebook notification sound ios 6 No facebook notification sound ios 6

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