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1. Magnetica

You also get special events to keep things interesting. It's not all that unique aside from its Angry Birds theme, but that probably won't bother fans of the genre too much. This is a freemium game like most, so be careful if you let your younger kids play the game. Basically any Bejeweled game Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Bejeweled is a popular series of games like Candy Crush Saga. They use very similar mechanics. You match game pieces. Those pieces leave the board and new ones drop down. There are many variants of Bejeweled on Google Play. They all basically play the same way as well. However, each one does have a game play mechanic or two to differentiate them from the others. Most of these games are freemium as well. Indy Cat Match 3 Price: However, it's still a really good match three game.

Players match shapes, complete levels, and collect various cat-themed artifacts to progress through the game. There is a little bit of a story line, but it's not overly deep. Overall, the experience is goofy, fun, and inoffensive. It's good for both adults and kids. It is a freemium game like most titles in this space. Jellipop Match Price: Jellipop Match is one of the older games like Candy Crush Saga. It was once Jelly Blast, but changed its name sometime in early The game features cutesy graphics, simple mechanics, and that addictive match three game play.

It's mostly a simple, typical match three experience. The game also features helpful boosters. The downside is that they don't come in abundance unless you pay for them. It's not bad for what it is. Check out some more awesome Android game lists! King's other games Price: King is the developer of Candy Crush Saga. As it turns out, they have tons of games like Candy Crush Saga. All of these games follow the same recipe as Candy Crush Saga. They feel and play virtually the same with slightly different themes. Those who enjoyed Candy Crush Saga will likely also enjoy these.

They're all freemium games just like Candy Crush Saga. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Price: Pokemon Shuffle Mobile was the first official Pokemon game on mobile. It disappointed some people that it was a freemium match three game. That doesn't mean it's a bad match three game, though.

Players match three icons as usual. Completing a match allows your Pokemon to attack. The first Pokemon to fall is the loser. The developers plan on adding more events and Pokemon in future updates. We're not sure how far off those updates are. Puzzle and Dragons Price: This one combines the match three idea with combat.

The bigger the combo, the more damage you do. Mystic Marbles aims to remedy this by modifying up a staple mechanic of the genre and also making you to think in another way to obtain high scores. Mystic Marbles goes directly into tutorial mode and also presents you to the new drag and drop mechanic which specifies the game. Instead of…. Games Like Mystic Marbles. Monster Busters is a very simple match 3 puzzle genre with an offering that will please people of every age group.

2. The Treasures of Montezuma 2

While this genre might have been completed to death in recent years with the success of games like Candy Crush Saga, Monster Busters does attempt to bring something fresh and certainly succeeds in this regard. This game is available on Facebook and also mobile devices which helps you to…. Games Like Monster Busters. Farm Heroes Saga requires the best of Candy Crush Saga as well as changes the concept while introducing some new mechanics to provide a fun and colorful matching experience.

Your primary goal in every level of Farm Heroes Saga is to gather the necessary resources for that level. Games Like Farm Heroes Saga. Cruel Jewels is really a standard three puzzle match game but is included with its own distinctive charm which makes it a wonderful game for puzzle fans. The game packs in lots of different game modes with catchy tunes and also voice overs to maintain you playing. Games Like Cruel Jewels. Diamond Dash is as easy as it gets when it comes to puzzle experiences along with gameplay revolving all-around players clicking on groups of similar colored blocks.

Top 10 Games Like GTA 5 for iOS & Android High Graphics Games -- GAMER ZONE

With 60 second rounds Diamond Dash is a great option for short play sessions or competing against friends. Gameplay in Diamond Dash consists of clearing as many gems from the display as quickly as you can in order to generate points.

49 Games Like Bejeweled

Players only…. Games Like Diamond Dash. Chief Le Match wants your guide while you sail the shores of Treasure Island matching jewels by connecting his salty crew aboard the Gem Star. This is a very simple match three Puzzle adventure game but includes high creation values and also enough variety to ensure the levels are anything but dull. When you load up the video game gamers will discover on their own wrecked upon the shore…. Games Like Jewel Mash. In the game, your primary job is to dig through demands and uncover the treasure.

The game takes on the epic adventure in the lands of Diamond Dale. The game consists of various worlds, and each world….

15 Cool Free Games Like Candy Crush | Beebom

Multiplayer Single Player. Games Like Diamond Digger Saga. BraveSmart is an incredible, Puzzle, Match-3, and Single-player video game developed and published by Flaregames. The game lets you combine three rocks, metal and wood tiles to build a cottage, three cottage for each mansion. In the story of the game, many years ago, the dark forces has beaten by the legions and now they set in…. Single Player Skill. Games Like BraveSmart. Android iOS Phone.

The game consists of various levels and lets you complete each one. It provides you with unique gameplay, in which you must match three same-colored orbs in order score points and make a place for other upcoming orbs. The game becomes more difficult as you progress. The game offers you the…. Games Like The Treasures of Montezuma 2.

The gameplay is very interesting, in which you must connect minimum three fruits of the same colour while you are trying to complete levels.

Below are the 15 Cool Games like Candy Crush that are available for free

When you connects more than three cubes, a bomb appears and…. Games Like Juice Cubes. Win PS3. The game includes various levels and each level having colourful balls that are rolling around the screen. Your main task is to eliminate the balls by matching three same colour balls and destroy them, to make a….

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Games Like Zuma. The game is specially designed for Mobile platforms and Social Media. The game lets you immerse yourself in bubble bursting fun experience. The game offers you the various world to explore and provides you with the main task, in which you must shoot bubbles in order to defeat Morgana. The gameplay is…. Games Like Bubble Witch 2 Saga. The game provides you with bubble shooter gameplay, in which you must defeat the Evil Bubble Wizard in order to save the baby critters.

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  2. The classic puzzle game at breakneck speed.
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  4. 2. Hungry Babies Mania.
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  7. 79 Games Like Bejeweled;
  8. The game offers you a simple gameplay which is consists of several levels, and you must complete each one by…. Games Like Bubble Mania. The game takes place in the fantastic crystal world and lets you immerse yourself in puzzle experience. The game consists of more than incredible levels, and additionally unlock levels.

    The game provides you with a chance to test your matching skills with challenging objectives. To progress in each level, you must…. Games Like Frozen Free Fall.

    36 Games Like Bejeweled

    Win Mac Wii PS3. The game consists of various levels, and you can complete each level with same mechanics. In the game, the objectives are rolling around the screen and reach slowly at the specific points. You must stop them by shooting the ball on others and match at least three balls to eliminate them…. Games Like TumbleBugs. The game provides you with ball blasting gameplay and allows you engage yourself in endless experience. In the competition, you must match at least three gems to eliminate for oncoming gems. Match or connect three or more gems to blast and earn skill points.

    The gameplay is similar to Candy Crush and Farm Heroes…. Games Like Bejeweled Blitz. The game in not provides you with a just classic match-3 puzzle gameplay, and it also features the fantastic locations, cool effects, unusual sounds and interesting plots. The game lets you travel through the fabulous areas of Atlantis and engage yourself in puzzles solving and completing levels experience. The game consists of…. Games Like Atlantis Adventure.

    The game introduces lots of new modes, soundtracks, great defined visual and several new features that makes the game more interesting and…. Games Like Bejeweled 3. Android iOS Win. Moves are made by dragging columns and rows. In order to…. Match-3 Single Player Skill. Games Like Chuzzle. The game offers several interesting and quest of adventures, embark on a journey around the ancient Babylon, Rome, Greece and Carthage in the search for one of the best mysteries of all the time.

    It is a classic style match-3 video game with the twist of dazzling that the player can need to discover several pieces…. Games Like Atlantis Quest. Princess Stella, the Witch, is back, and she need help to defeat the deadly evil named as Wilbur. The game takes place in the magical world where the ultimate task of the player is eliminated bubble by shoot on the same color of the bubble. The game allows the player play alone or challenge with his….

    Games Like Bubble Witch 3 Saga. Battle Camp: The game offers more than different monsters, and each monster of the game has its own unique abilities and fighting behavior. It allows the player to crush the powerful enemy creatures alone of other alliances to create troop, with his friends or another player around the world. Play in cooperatively and defeat the powerful enemy boss and win…. Games Like Battle Camp: Evolve Monsters. Bejeweled Stars is another major installment in the series of Bejeweled developed and published by Electronic Arts. The game is available to play on Facebook, Android and iOS platforms only.

    Once again it allows the player to join the Kitty Frenzy event and engage himself in the epic magic-3 experience. It is an adventure-based, Puzzle and Match-3 video game that takes place in the beautiful game world that is full…. Games Like Bejeweled Stars. Android iOS Phone Win. It is a match-3 puzzle game that is played on a square grid filled with lots of different tokens such as gold nuggets, coins, diamonds, and skulls, etc. The player is able to swap any token of the game in order…. Games Like Jewel Quest. Win Mac. Fishdom 2 is another Match-3 video game that allows the player to swap colorful sea creatures in order to create the combination of three or more than three same colors of creatures.

    In this game, the ultimate mission of the player is to create his own aquarium by collecting the multiple parts. There are series of levels, and each complete level provides a small piece of the aquarium that will….

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