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This is designed to wipe clean with a wet cloth, keeping your phone looking new and unmarked. Though we didn't want to push our luck too much, these claims seemed true in our tests, with minor stains wiping straight off. The coating also makes it easy to get a solid grip on the handset.

Sony Xperia tipo

Shiny plastic covers have a tendency to feel precariously slippery in the hand, but this has no such problems. The cover is quite easy to remove, which is just as well because the battery, SIM card and microSD card slot all lie behind it.

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There's a small groove at the bottom of the phone that you can use to pull it straight off, and replacing it is just as easy. It's an unfortunate placement, particularly in the case of the microSD card slot, since that 2. Heavy users of media and apps may find the need for more than one microSD card to store all of their stuff.

So it would be nice if they were switchable on the fly.

Sony Xperia Tipo Review

Still, it can take cards of up to 32GB, which will likely be more than enough for most users. The top-left corner of the Sony Xperia Tipo houses the power key, which can also be tapped to lock or wake the phone. Visit manufacturer site for details. Update, 12 September CNET UK originally published this review with a score of one and a half stars because of extremely poor software stability on the handset we were sent by Sony. We've since received a second device, which doesn't suffer from those major functionality flaws, so we've updated our review and increased the score to reflect the improved performance of this more stable phone.

Sony's Xperia Tipo is the latest dinky smart phone from the Japanese tech giant, this time aimed squarely at those of you with small hands gripped tightly around tiny purses. It lays claim to being a hassle-free, easy-to-use bargain. But does it live up to that admirable goal? I was unable to recommend buying the Tipo in my original review because it was so buggy.

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There's no getting away from how tiny the Tipo is though, so it's not an ideal phone if you have large hands or sausage-sized fingers. Its small, low-res screen isn't a great place to do lots of web surfing or to watch your favourite TV shows. And its relatively low-powered engine means this is a phone only suited to basic snacking on mobile versions of websites and playing with lightweight apps. The Tipo isn't amazing as a telephone either, with multiple callers reporting they had trouble hearing me, so if you want a mobile to do a lot of nattering, look elsewhere.

As mentioned above, the Tipo is powered by Android 4. That's no longer the latest version of Google's operating system -- that honour goes to Android 4.

Should I buy the Sony Xperia Tipo?

But it's very up to date for a phone with such a low price tag. You're not given all the features of ICS though.

Sony Xperia tipo review - tests

Notably, you don't get to unlock the handset through facial recognition since the Tipo doesn't have a front-facing camera. And given the phone is skinned with a layer of Sony's software, you miss out on the Tron -esque look and feel -- one of the most noticeable changes ushered in with ICS.

All of this means the difference between bagging a Gingerbread 'droid and the Tipo, with its nipped and tucked ICS, isn't as great as you might think. What you do get is to flick notifications out of the tray when you've had enough of them, and if you hold down the home button it will bring up a stack of scrollable thumbnails showing your recent apps. The Tipo also gets ICS's neat data menu -- where you can set a usage limit to alert you how much of your 3G tariff you're gobbling up. Sony's custom Android interface is tailored to fit the Tipo's tiny screen.

It gives you the usual multiple home screens to fill with apps and widgets though. But since the display is so small, the scope for info-packed widgets is limited.

Sony Xperia Tipo

Unlock bootloader needed. This phone was smart simple and better but not now Wil atleast tipo users get 4. It's an extremely low- end phone, I don't recommend anybody to buy it. I got one less than a year ago, and I'm going to buy a new smartphone yet. There's no problem with Sony, but Tipo doesn't really deserve to be called a Sony Xperia.

There's a big Samsung Galaxy A7 review. GSMArena team , 21 September Mini just got bigger Sony Xperia tipo review. Introduction The NXT line gave Sony the strong start they needed after returning to the smartphone game on their own.

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