Download purple themes for nokia x2-01

Neon Purple Live theme for Nokia C3 / X2-01

New background Frost by by Sarah Klockars-Clauser from openphoto. White version of ipod Photo theme air v1. Fixed crossfade icon also. Larger-icon version of my "air yellow" theme. Same credits as that one. Backdrop from publicdomainpictures. Also fixed crossfade icon. My redesign of theme 'Alternative' by Boernie Buntstift. Playmode icon from cabbie theme. Purple version. Red version. Conversion of simple x theme 'smooth'.

Otherwise resized and re-arranged but roughly the same layout. Icons made larger for better legibility in this version. Just yet another Cabbie variant I made ages ago. Same credits and changes as previous V7 ones, but in black and white colour scheme. Backdrop picture by back ground photo by Sarah Klockars-Clauser from openphoto.

Conversion of x theme SentinelAA. Heavily modified by me to work with x resolution. Conversion of x theme. Original by Ralph Heinrch. Based in turn on wide cabbie, based in turn on CabbieV Reworked all icons, based on those from cabbieV2. Conversion and enhancement of x resolution theme originally by Chris Oxtoby. Conversion of simple text-only sansa Fuze theme originally by Jack Yi. Added changeable foreground colour second colour switches between yellow and white depending on foreground colour, by default is sansa-style turquoise and yellow.

Original description "A simple, clean and crisp theme for the Fuze. My conversion of x theme HandScribbleArt2. Original by George Tsai. That theme was in turn based on the "ScribbleArt" theme by Roman Seidl, which itself is a variant of the "Scribble" theme by Christopher Williams. Uses Mattt's rope hand written font by Matt Chrisholm. Updated the syntax to current rockbox, also added cover art, volume icon, playlist name, and ultra-large current time display when on pause or lock. Changed colour to green. Theme originally for sansa e, originally uploaded by Artur Mueller credited to JoChn in files - possibly the same person?

Converted to x by me Very nice background and icon bitmaps by original author modified by me for new res. Very simple theme so very easy to convert. Originally by Nicholus H. Yee for x resolution. Adam Trepczynski Submitted: Modifications are: Fonts package installed. Partly based on theme 'fresh' for gigabeat by Ryan Cuda which is no longer on this site due to it not working with current Rockbox. Original by Matt Middleton. Backdrop and some icons resized, volume meter remade completely impossible to resize it , wps rewritten original alternating cover art idea doesn't seem to work with current rockbox, but with higher res can fit it without alternating it.

Originally uploaded by Christian Blass. This version includes tiny fix by me to crossfeed status, as that had been broken by rockbox changes since theme was written. Now works again. Also changed backdrop to silver to improve contrast. Conversion of gigabeat-S x theme to x Credits same as Rhombic-Green, just in yellow. Credits as Rhombic-Green, but in red. Original by David Kauffmann.

Turns out inverting aspect ratio is very tricky, but got there eventually. The volume indicator is using conditional viewports, and is displayed on the ordinate of the cross, while all the playstate conditions are displayed on the abscissa. Third colour changes between black or white automatically depending on background colour. Omits 'next track' data as space gets cramped when swapping aspect ratio round. This version just includes tiny fix by me to crossfeed status, as that had been broken by rockbox changes since theme was written.

But made from scratch except play mode icons and bits of the red LED icons and a bit of the cover art metallic frame. Background image from taken from nasa "astronomy picture of the day april 12". Conversion of Sansa C theme Cuda [Red] to x Original by Mike Coates. Includes 'low battery' warning message. Conversion of Sansa C theme Cuda [Blue] to x But made from scratch except play mode icons and bits of the red LED icons. Conversion of x theme RED to x Original by Dominic Toupin.

Icons are from the cabbie V2 theme. WPS image and main menu backdrop by Dominic Toupin with modification by me to work with different aspect ratio Works with current build Works with release 3. Ti Mac Submitted: Theme design directly inspired by Rockbox Failsafe and Ambiance Background image from pixabay. Another variant of cabbie that I have lying around. Includes listing of previous and next few tracks on current playlist, plus bar-charts of various settings bass, treble, PBE, balance, EQ. Plain blue-ish background.

Guillaume Cocatre-Zilgien Submitted: Here's another slight modification of the Original Firmware's interface, based on my PodOne theme for the iPod Classic. Requires Rockbox 3. Ludovic Jakimon Submitted: Progress time is displayed in large characters. Walter Purcaro Submitted: Just an amazing theme for Rockbox, like Ekaran, but with "few" extra NB Reupload purely to correct the preceding picture credit got it muddled the first time - theme is unchanged.

Originally by Rob Schmersel described by him as a recreation of an unknown sansa theme. Taken from old wps gallery and rewritten for current syntax, plus tweaked a bit. Original by Gary Light evilg Including showing part of current playlist. Based on 96x96 clipzip theme styleblue by Bobby van Dam. Allows changing of foreground colour. My other con version of Friskys2, uploaded for completeness.

Lighter than existing version.

Purple 3D theme for nokia C3-00 X2-01 Asha 200

The original was for Sansa e by T. Kliemann and modified by Michael Loster. This uses a new metal texture from myfreetextures. Unlike original it doesn't have a custom fm radio screen if anyone wants to add one, please do so! New version with several fixes includes codec, more space for playing time and replay gain, more space for track name on SBS, fixed a bug in STOP state, etc Works with current build Works with release 3. Original author: Updated by P Poorten. Doesn't use cover art, nor did original. Reupload - slightly fixed layout to better resemble the original.

Conversion of Sansa E theme. Original by jimmison This version removes custom fm screen in hope of getting it compatible with current rockbox.

Nokia x2 01 themes with music player theme free download - Google Документы

Another one suitable for ipods with custom gold cases. Ported from the ipod photo version, which was ported from e by Thomas Martiz, and originally made by Jiiprah. Also added a custom menu screen, showing info while in menus. Slightly tweaked from the green version previously uploaded by me added tiny art in menu screen, lightened text colour, original colour restored,etc Version 1. Version 1.

Version 2 of blueonblack. This version is for ipod video, because classic and video for some reason have different ranges for bass and treble boost, meaning bar chart has to be done differently for each. Re-upload with icon alignment improved by 2 pixels. Aspect Ratio swap and colour change of x theme to x Rearranged and slightly remade, some icons added to replace text to save space play and hold icons borrowed from the Cabbie Theme, others my own. Original credited to Dave Berg, for the Gigabeat.

Conversion of "Rockster" to x res. Backdrop modified, stuff resized, etc. Some extra info put in to use extra space. Original by Thanos Tsakiris V1. Orange version of my GreenOnBlack, with a few tweaks. Blue version of my GreenOnBlack, with a few tweaks. Conversion of x theme "Rockster" to x res. Blue version, improvements made to the layout compared to my previous versions.

Original version and the design by Thanos Tsakiris, Works with current build Works with release 3. Like my greenonwhite just in red. Small tweak to theme by Alex Mayer Just slightly modified to allow foreground colour to be changed. Full credit to original author. As the name implies it is a very minimal theme.

Icons are off by default. There is no album art. Shuffle and repeat icons align right and only display when they are on. Generic black theme by me. Also changed artist icon to 'goth' icon from farmfresh icon pack from fatcow hosting. Also changed artist icon to 'Hendrix' icon from farmfresh icon pack from fatcow hosting. Reupload because first upload omitted the roboto font syntax checker didn't complain, but I don't understand why it didn't as that font isn't in the standard font pack Works with current build Works with release 3.

Derived from silverblue by silverblue ruben-online. Also changed artist icon to 'Emo' icon from farmfresh icon pack from fatcow hosting. From Clean Light 0. Originally by Peter Akers.

how to convert nokia x2 01 to android

Fixed for iPod Photo by Eric Hoffman. Converted to x by P Poorten. Loosely based on ROCKit 0. Simple theme with no cover art. Converted and modified from ipod greyscale theme, Originally submitted by Stephen Carroll who took it from WPS gallery. Originally credited to juice17 Christian Framing. New version with customisable colour scheme and custom menu screen. Eddy Coman Submitted: Statusbar is disabled in both screens to maximise the space available and to use the most suitable font size.

WPS has the following features: Generic white theme by me. Uses couple of icons from farm-fresh icon set at fatcow hosting loads of useful CCA3 icons there Works with current build Works with release 3. But turned into a completely different theme. Still uses some modified icons and bits of script from that theme. Uses backdrop photo from http: Modification of older theme 'exit'. Changes allow colour selection via menu, and does away with bitmaps so it takes less space. Originally credited to Zyx Abacab. Orange version. Nothing very new, same as my previous conversion of same theme, just with blue colour scheme and different font.

Nothing very new, same as my previous conversion of same theme, just with green colour scheme. Reupload to fix selection bar colour Another theme designed mainly to allow the colour scheme to be changed easily via the settings menu. Modified version of my ReduxReduxGreen2, so as to allow user-selected foreground colour.

Still partly derived from theme Redux by J Fite. See original Digital listing for full credits. Added ability to select custom colour scheme and some other small changes. Original for SansaFuze by Ivan Lysytsyn. Original by Lukie New theme. Doing this means icons can't be anti-aliased but that isn't really a problem, main drawback is it means can only use two colours, foreground and background, as rockbox only allows setting those two. Can use background image in place of background colour, but you'd have to edit the. I think this is sort-of what the 'thin' theme used to do before rockbox changes broke it.

Conversion of SansaE theme originally by Alvin Chong. Layouts are inspired by the HoloMusic app. Modified from electricbarsofcolour and iconset modified from asian clip. Reupload with small fix to fm radio screen which may or may not work right! Further improved version of rebuilt Frostbox theme.

Originally Created by Madsic Taken from ipod nano WPS gallery, updated broken syntax completely, converted to x resolution by me. Ends up as minimalist large-font theme for people with imperfect eyesight? I think it works better with 30 Ubuntu Bold font, but that. Red version of rebuilt Frostbox theme. Also adds various things, including converting icons into strip form to simplify WPS, proper AB-shuffle icon, playlist name, etc etc. Version 2. Old Sansae theme, converted to x Original WPS from rockbox-themes. Released under the creative commons share-alike license.

Ported to viewports by digerati MikeKasberg. MarcGuay added font to viewports tag Updated to work properly on Release 3. Cover art smaller asx doesn't work as well as x for art. Added extra info to use left-over space. Conversion of Sansa Fuze theme originally by Richard Nease.

Tweaked backdrop slightly as original was too low-contrast for text to be legible. No cover art, very simple theme. Just updated the syntax to current rockbox. Same credits and changes as previous V7 ones, but in yellow colour-scheme. More choice is good, right? One more conversion. Resized from x and sbs added. Reupload with minor fix to prevent clipping one pixel from track title text. Original by Ross Thompson. Another IBassoDXlike theme. Slightly tweaked from first one e.

Conversion of ipod nano theme originally by Freddy Leitner. Original description says "slightly inspired by the Palm Pre UI. Original icons. Can probably easily be adapted for other players" Works with current build Works with release 3. Victor Florian Submitted: Im not the creator,i just modified the original theme Works with current build Works with release 3.

Shiyu Zheng Submitted: Some images were edited from originals and some symbols were made by me. Fonts are included; not intended with icons. A darker version of my iPodMod for those who like black backgrounds. My conversion of ipod color theme of same name. Original by Norbert Kurzel. Reupload - fixed my small but stupid error with cover art. Merely a green version of my previous conversion of Orange Glow V2 converted from Ipod photo to ipod classic resolution.

Original ipod photo version by Benjamin Johnson. Conversion of gigabeat theme Medieval by Frank Gevaerts. See Gigabeat section for original description. Rearranged elements to work with flipped aspect ratio.

Upload your own theme

Had to change the way the candle progress bar works, as rockbox seems to have changed behaviour in a way that breaks the original method. Conversion to x of x iRiverH10 theme. Original by "Corey" credits in file. Icons remade for new res. Updated version - added playmode icon. Another of a zillion variations of Cabbie theme I made. Blue version. Background image: Great barrier Reef by Radek Labancz maestro from http: Reupload, finally fixed wrong colour selection bar.

Designed by scizrboy Modified by skwad to work on iAudio x5 Modified by afruff23 to become the HiPodNextV5 Modified some more and converted to work on x players, renamed V6 by me. Originally an iAudioX5 theme by Markus Haselboeck, in old wps gallery, no longer works.

Eerything else by the other authors listed above. My conversion of iRiverh10 theme grunge original by David Berg. Also partly based on the Gigabeat version of same theme, which had higher res bitmaps Works with current build Works with release 3. Converted from IRiverH theme. Original version by JamesDenman aka denny. Retrieved from wps gallery, rewritten for new syntax and resized to x Designed by scizrboy Modified by skwad to work on iAudio x Modified by afruff23 to become the HiPodNextV William Wilgus Submitted: From ipodvideo wps gallery, updated to current syntax by me.

Original by Charles Voelger Works with current build Works with release 3. Retrieved from wps gallery, rewritten for new syntax and resized to x, Works with current build Works with release 3. My conversion to x of ipod nano 2g theme originally by Billy Blair.

All themes

Which in turn was "based on the jClix theme a couple of years ago" Works with current build Works with release 3. Converted to x from x Conversion of x theme originally by David Berg, to x Reupload, menu backdrop left out of first attempt Works with current build Works with release 3. Converted from iaudiox5 wps in old gallery. Original Author: Keith Briscoe. Enhanced and converted by me. Simple x theme converted to x No cover art. Original by Ruben Richiger, conversion by me. New icons from wikimedia credits in file.

Conversion of theme from old iaudiox5 wps gallery, original by "Corey" Works with current build Works with release 3. Conversion of theme from old iaudiox5 wps gallery, original by "Corey" original no longer works on original target. Background pic 'Tree In Fog' from publicdomainpictures.

It appears when paused see extra screenshot Unfortunately Rockbox only returns the first characters of it, so it gets truncated, which slightly destroys the point of this theme. Conversion to x of theme MySansa. Original by Niko Hujanen x Icons from Famfamfam. Background photo by Michael Jastremski from openphoto. Conversion to x and enhancement of ipodnano1g theme. Original by Burnwell Racer. In turn derived from Piotr Zalewski's cabbiev2. My conversion to x of x theme amabee.

Also fixed outdated syntax. Another theme. Other icons and WPS script etc by me. Shows various other info if no cover art is present. A theme mostly by me. Same as StoneX just with different colours. Taken from old ipod nano theme gallery. Updated to current rockbox syntax and converted to x resolution. Original by JuyuJohns. There are a lot of these - the original has them all in one download, but the theme gallery now requires each to be uploaded separately Works with current build Works with release 3.

EscapeBoD-black originally by Leo P but Heavily based on "Escape Pod" by "aj" and "Escape BoD2" Retrieved from old wps gallery and rewritten for current rockbox syntax by me Works with current build Works with release 3. Theme originally by ChristianBrassat. Taken from old ipod nano wps gallery and rewritten for current sytnax plus converted to x res, plus enhanced a bit.

Based on theme "Rocker", retrieved from ipod 5g wps gallery and rewritten for new sytnax and substantially 'remixed' Original version by JasonTanz April Original licence just says "Gimme Cred", so, credit given! Was also updated previously by DavidKauffmann in Sep but that rewrite is also now totally out of date. A separate rewrite and port to x by Stephen Carroll exists but this is derived from the original 5g ipod version Works with current build Works with release 3.

Just another Cabbie variant. Same as previous CabbieV6, but in green. Custom FM screen not included in this converted version. Includes track 'comment' field which iTunes seems to like filling with strings of numbers, as in screenshot, but perhaps sometimes it has something more meaningful in it and few themes show it, so I just put it in there Conversion of iAudioX5 theme by Alex Vanderpol to x resolution. Changed backdrop image to high res one from publicdomainpictures.

Custom FM screen not included as couldn't be bothered to convert it. Conversion of ipod nano theme Pick Up That Can! Original by Nathan Greene. My conversion of iAudio X5 theme. Original by Alex Vanderpol This time managed to resize the backdrop without it coming out wrong, unlike previous attempt that became 'brass monkey' theme. Used extra space to add the 'comment' field to the track info as not many themes show that field. Note, custom fm screen not included as I have no use for it myself. Might add it some time. Original comment: Retrieved from old wps gallery.

Rewritten by me for new syntax. By PhilipMourdjis. Retrieved from WPS gallery and updated for current syntax. A conversion of the theme "lebellium Samsung-like", This seems to be one of the only resolutions said theme has not been converted to. Originally by Ludovic Jakimon. Apologies if original author was planning to convert it himself at some point. Pretty much the same as the other versions, remade volume meter completely to fit new resolution, other elements resized, repositioned etc. The goal is to take advantage of the simple and beautiful Samsung WPS and add some missing info and improve some graphic parts at the same time.

What's more in this theme compared to original Samsung's one: File codec and bitrate, Album year, Thicker progress bar, 12 or hour clock, Mini-player in the other menus. New in this version: Just my V7 of cabbie theme but without a picture backdrop. Nothing particularly new, but in case anyone prefers a plainer background. Ivan Kuleshov Submitted: Based on Clyp-E by Boris Cisternas.

Purple Gigaset Theme for Nokia X2-00, C2-01, 206, X3-00, X2-05, 2700 & 240×320

Replaced digital battery indicator with the graphic volume indicator. A conversion of theme "Arrows" originally made for ipod nano1g by David Randler. Uses icons from cabbie v2 by Johannes Voggenthaler. Blue version also coloured in the grey icons. Conversion of GreenQuilt for ipod 3g, originally by Alex Vanderpol Converted from x to x res. Added a bit more track info including comment field, to use up new space. A mostly green theme with white boxes and icons, drop shadows and a quilt-like background pattern. The base skin shows the track title and album title in the box at the bottom of the screen, along with a small cover art image if cover art is available.

Substantially re-arranged to work with inverted aspect ratio. I don't know if the fm screen really works right, but is included anyway. A x theme derived by me from thex theme BrushedRobe V1. In turn that was based on Karl's CleanGreen. Uses icons from CleanGreen rather than the ones from BrushedRobe. Unlike BrushedRobe and CleanGreen this theme is NOT touchscreen enabled as I have no touchscreen, and the ipod rockbox simulator kept crashing when I left the touchscreen parts in. Another variant of Cabbie theme. Backdrop from public-domain-photos. Just another variant of Cabbie theme.

Borrows the faux-spectrum-display from Redux by Justin Fite. Converted Sansa Fuze theme. Ported to x res by me. Otherwise hardly changed from original. Original by Luke Wagner v1. Except of original description: The little ball in the top left is a disk activity indicator, the rest of the buttons should need no description. All graphics done by yours truly, with the exception of the shuffle, repeat, and lock icons, which I recolored from XL Fuzed By David Thacker. The icons are a recolored version of the small Silk iconset By Stefan Saftescu.

The code is based of XL Fuzed, as well. Elements re-arranged to fit inverted aspect-ratio while keeping cover art at same size. Added codec info alternates with next track info and a pop-up volume slider. Otherwise unchanged and full credit to original author above. Shows Album Art if available. Shows decimal volume level and decimal battery level when volume pressed for 2 sec. Shows decimal battery level when charging.

Modification of Redux theme by Justin Fite. I liked that theme but added the current time for myself - then added a few more things like the codec info and a picture backdrop and decided it was now different enough to upload. Orange edition. Unable to replace original version because checkbox for 'do you wish to replace it' doesn't appear when uploading. I liked that theme but added the current time for myself as I have no watch - then added a few more things like the codec info and a picture backdrop and decided it was now different enough to upload.

Original SF-style theme for x displays. New for rockbox font "Voyager" from website fonts. Was the only SF-looking font I could find with appropriate licence. Not sure the pulsar peak-meter works quite right only uses one channel , but it sort of pulses in time with the music so that's good enough, right? Idea inspired by x theme DeepSpace by Christian Lederer, but doesn't use any of that theme apart from the lock and speaker icons.

Theme with x artwork. No relation to existing "" theme! Vertical text for track data in order to fit x art. My attempt at a green version of the iPod UI with a Rockbox twist. Mar 3, update - Edited SBS date bar syntax. Jun 6, update - Fixed volume bar visual issues, cleaned up some images. AW Hart Submitted: AllText Theme Description: Simple, yet information heavy. Goal with the WPS What's Playing Screen was to provide a display with a substantial amount of information easily readable with a glance, without creating a cluttered interface and without meaningless symbols or icons.

The largest font size is given to track title with artist and album name one step size down the remainder of the display is one step size down from that. Files sampled above Volume bar changes to red color at levels above 0db to indicate that clipping will likely occur at these levels. If no ID3 title is available it will display the filename minus extension.

The WPS uses only Adobe-Helvetica fonts which are includes in the package, but are also part of the standard Rockbox additional fonts package. Media file size above 10, kb are displayed in MB rounded to neatest 1MB. Uses no images or backgrounds! Works with rockbox-ipod1g2g I have tested this over the past week, if you find any errors or bugs please let me know. Wilfried Ehrenfeld Submitted: Characterized by its subtle blue line to separate the status bar from the title section. WPS only. Update Code Cleanup. Release Show decimal volume level and decimal battery level only when volume pressed for 2 sec.

First Release Adapted from my theme for the iRiver LCD remote. Accurate numeric and graphical battery indicator, graphical volume bar, mini-player in the menus, file codec and bitrate display, 12 or 24h clock etc In this version this also applies to the Play status! Play status: However, the virtual LED has been removed.

If you want to disable the virtual LED, please read the "how to" file. Justin Fite Submitted: Full width px artwork! Converted DB volume to normal volume output numbers. For the sharpest and faster loading artwork output, use or resize your artwork to x Simplistic and beautiful, enjoy. Karl Schuhmann Submitted: It shows on the left the shuffle mode icon if activated. It shows also on the left alternating the used codec and the sampling frequency.

It shows on the right side the icons for the different repeat modes if activated. On the bottom it shows a progress indicator for the current song with decimal time played and time to play info for the current song. Finally it shows the number of the current played song within the current playlist and the total count of songs in the playlist.

The fms screen show rds info station name and station text, or station name from preset list and current tuning frequency if rds info is not available. Finally it shows a graphical tuning frequency indicator, the upper and lower tuning frequency limits and the current tuning frequency in the center of the bottom line and on unfilled lines for rds info above.

The record screen is extended by the current sampling frequency white on mono, green on stereo , codec and bitrate information on mp3 encoding. This both info fields flicker because custom recording screen is not supported by Rockbox and it's quick and dirty patched inside at the end of the. The theme shows a status line at the bottom with song info when not in wps or fms screen, if a song is in play or pause mode, or the station info if the tuner is in tuning or mute mode. The image size of each included image is minimized to reduce memory consumption of the skin because the founf nice graphic for volume adjustment is very big.

Thanks a lot to the developer of this very useful Rockbox firmware. It shows on the left alternating the used codec, the sampling frequency, and the shuffle mode icon if activated. It shows on the right side the bitrate of the codec white on CBR encoding, green on VBR encoding , and alternating the icons for the different repeat modes if activated. Xander Plorr Submitted: Some graphics from jBlackGlass theme by Pies Julius. Improved, redesigned and recoded for standard build of RockBox. Theme originally by Kevin Clift.

Is in the WPS gallery, but need updating to current syntax. The gallery version is a broken download, but the same non-working files are downloadable from the linked web site so these are based on files from there. Still original author's work, but updated syntax so it works again. It is stated in the gallery description to have a CCA3 licence so have added that to the files.

Hence CC3 licence. Converted from ipod photo or sansa fuze v2 theme which was submitted by Stephen Carroll. This one in the original colour scheme. Not sure what it is, but music comes out of it. Red Version. Nothing very new, just in blue! Just uploading some different colour versions of previous conversions, for completeness.

Rewrite of "broken" theme from WPS gallery. Syntax updated to make it work again, custom status bar added with volume digits , couple of small other bugs fixed. Apart from that, all credit to original author including background picture. Original by JuanPrada. This, by design, displays mp3 embedded 'comments' on the wps screen - which for my files turns out to be long strings of numbers, originally put there by iTunes for some reason Works with current build Works with release 3.

Theme for x res, by me. For once, not a conversion or rewrite. Conversion of x theme original by Roman Stedronsky. Red version this time. Nothing hugely new, just a maroon red version of previous resolution conversion, for sake of more choice. Includes custom menu screen but not cover art.

Conversion from x to x which proved tricky of theme for Gigabeat. Backdrop remade, wps rewritten, sbs added, existing icons reused Original designed by and bitmaps and icons made by , Thomas Kirkpatrick [Am not sure about custom menu screen - it doesn't leave a lot of room for the menus! If anyone would prefer a plain menu screen without custom info I could upload one] [quickly re-uploaded purely to amend this comment] Works with current build Works with release 3.

Adds picture backdrop, time of day, day of week, codec info, changes colour scheme, moves some things around. Retains faux-spectrum display from original theme. Green colour scheme version. Upgrade of V1 to V1. Icons cleaned up and layout improved. New backdrop from publicdomainpictures.

Not a conversion or a rewrite, this time. Originally by Roman Gwizdz in Retrieved from WPS gallery and rewritten with up-to-date syntax. Pictures from NASA. Another cabbie variant! Retrieved from wps gallery and fixed to work with current syntax. Very little work needed as used the already-rewritten wps file from the "slick let it blue" theme together with the bitmaps etc from the 'broken' bushfire one Original by Johannes Voggenthaler Photo: Yet another theme derived from Redux! My last one. Original by Justin Fite. But modified and expanded to try and display as much data as possible as clearly as possible.

Includes bar charts. Background pic from PublicDomainPictures. Same as Glassy Purple but with backdrop from publicdomainpictures by Petr Kratochvil. Glass effect theme. Backdrop from PublicDomainPictures. Couple of icons taken from sansa theme nclix, play mode icon based on one from blue mood theme see.

Vladislav Kurashov Submitted: Wps for x Hifiman and other devices. Based on Terminus 28, 20 and 12 fonts. Show simple important information about playing file. Good readable. Retrieved from WPS gallery and rewritten to make it work with current rockbox. Originally by Bastien "Grungi Ankhfire" Gorissen.

Nothing changed other than updated WPS syntax. This version compared to previous version I did colour-shifted to green, and some improvements made to the layout. Original version and the essential design by Thanos Tsakiris, Works with current build Works with release 3. Conversion to x of the x theme "Analog2 by Sorin Costache". Animated VU meters.

Sleek Purple theme for Nokia Asha 302, Asha 201/200, C3 & X2-01

Resized, modfied for new aspect ratio, bit more info added. Converted the FM screen as well, I think it probably works. Conversion, by me, of x theme by Roman Stedronsky. Green version, as well as resolution change, added cover art and custom menu screen. Conversion to x of x theme 'white ice v2'. Original by Lucas Rafael. Not much added, just resized things and used the extra space to show current playlist. Tasteful colourscheme and neat 'pop up' viewports retained from original just changed the pop-ups to use the extra space instead of covering main display.

Quick re-upload because decided I don't like the US date format. Apologies to original creator but its very confusing to non-Americans! Changed to international format. Conversion of x theme originally by Tim Pattison. FM screen not included in this version as I can't be bothered to convert it. As in original, playlist shown when a track first starts. All graphics are my own. Config file loads the 12x12 tango icons and viewers. Converted FM radio screen may or may not work correctly.

Aspect Ratio swap of x theme to x Conversion of x theme originally by Sean D'Entremont, to x Original theme author Jason Pinto. Some icons remade too look better at larger size. Conversion to x of ipodnano theme Beaumont 1. This theme is beautiful with pink and purple colour combination. I used Barbie stuffs icons in this theme. This theme will give beauty in your Nokia C3 pink. Hope you will like this theme specially girls. Please send your comments.

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download purple themes for nokia x2-01 Download purple themes for nokia x2-01
download purple themes for nokia x2-01 Download purple themes for nokia x2-01
download purple themes for nokia x2-01 Download purple themes for nokia x2-01
download purple themes for nokia x2-01 Download purple themes for nokia x2-01
download purple themes for nokia x2-01 Download purple themes for nokia x2-01

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