Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3

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This is an amazing feature of Samsung Galaxy S3 i. You can double tap the screen to zoom an image and move the phone around the move across the picture. This is very good and helpful feature of this Smartphone. It feels very embarrassing that you are in a meeting and suddenly your your phone start running and now you are looking for the mute button.

But not to worry because now you can mute the ringtone just by turning it over or placing your palm on the screen. If you love multitasking them this feature is really helpful to you. Using this feature you can access to multiple things at one time Or you can watch videos, while chatting with your friends on Facebook.


23 Best Hidden Features of Samsung i9300 Galaxy S3

To make that thing happen, all you need to do is, tap a pop up icon at the bottom right of the video player. Now you will get a small video screen which containing the video, when you are using other feature of the phone. For example, if you want to listen music, simple order the phone to do it for you. To make that thing happen, Open S Voice app, now tap the microphone icon at the bottom and say the name of the song and band name which you want to listen.

It will search and in few second play that song for you. It supports almost all the languages. Simply Open the Radio app on your Smartphone and then click scan in options. Now app will give you a list of all the available channels, all you need to do is select the channel from which you want to listen the music. Suppose you want to move the icon to the home screen, you are already doing this just by touching and holding an icon and then try to drag it into homescreen.

But in Galaxy S3 there is another way to make that thing happen i. Just touch and hold the icon, but instead of dragging it, just move the phone left to right and you will notice that homescreen also moves when you pan. Now, whenever you got the area of the homescreen where you want your icon just release it.

This is an amazing trick using which you are able to access a built-in search function using which you can search the web, via and also your device. All you need to do is, tap and hold the menu key until a search bar appears. Now type whatever you want to search. App Drawer is an amazing place where all of your Android apps stored.

8 hidden features every Samsung Galaxy phone user should know

Using this feature you can organize and customize the drawer and rearrange the app according to your desire. To use this feature all you need to do is, open your App Drawer and then tap the menu button. Now choose from the view type option and select the setting way you want. While your phone is in your pocket or on the desk, the moment you pick up your S3 it vibrates to alert you whilst also flashing its LED indicator.

When you are in contacts, you can use the touchscreen gesture to make calls or send messages. If you want to send a text simply swipe left to right on a name and right to left to make calls. If your battery is running low or you want to get the most out of it, then you might love to use a power saving feature which is provided in Samsung Galaxy S3. This will help you to optimize battery life. If you were to lose your handset there is a handy feature that allows you to remotely wipe your Samsung Galaxy S3.

To access this you do have to sign up online with Samsung and then you have the option of wiping the device, or if you lose it, you can find it with the Find my Phone online feature.

Now using this feature you can send files to another WIFI, direct device like Galaxy S2 or more with much higher speed in comparison to Bluetooth. We use cookies on our websites. Information about cookies and how you can object to the use of cookies at any time or end their use can be found in our privacy policy. What is ID4me? ID4me is an internet service that enables its users to log in to many different internet services with one account.

This is also known as "single sign on".

9 Amazing Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy: [Samsung Galaxy Tips & Tricks]

Unlike existing global single sign on solutions like the ones from Google or Facebook, ID4me does not track and analyze the internet surfing habits of its users. ID4me will make sure that the surfing habits stay secret. Also, ID4me does not belong to an enterprise. It is an open standard that is maintained by a nonprofit organization.

Anyone who wants to can participate.

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This way the users can chose freely between different ID4me providers and can also change the provider anytime. Further information can be found here: Already registered? Log in here. Even years after its release, the S3 is still proudly assisting many Android fans' lives.

Whether you're a life-long S3 lover or recent convert, we've pulled together the ultimate guide to Galaxy S3 tips and tricks, features, tweaks and hacks to help you get the most out of your phone and have a bit of fun with it, too. You can even record FM radio and store it on your internal memory! The Galaxy S3 has a Blocking Mode that you can switch on or off in the settings of your phone under the Device subcategory. By going through the steps as directed and holding the device at eye level to fit your head within the form on screen, you can set it up so that your Galaxy S3 will recognize you by your face.

It might mistake a similar looking person for you, however, so if you are worried about your content, you might want to stick with another, more secure locking method. If you are buying a Samsung Galaxy S3 for the first time, and are a beginner user, it might be a good idea to switch the user interface for your home screen to easy mode. What this will do is give you bigger, blockier icons on your home screen in order to make your apps and the other functions more visible. Once you feel more comfortable, you can always switch it back with the same steps.

When a video is playing, tap on the menu button and choose trim. You can then choose which parts to trim out and which to keep. Multi-tasking with the Galaxy S3 can be done in many different ways, like with Multi Window, for example.


Another way is having a video from Video Player play in a small window over the top of your home screen, or while browsing the web, texting with friends and so on. This will launch the video on the home screen, where you can start doing something else simultaneously. The Galaxy S3 may be old, but it remains desirable. You need to have signed up for your Samsung account and set up a password, which you can do from your phone when you are initially setting it up. If your phone gets stolen or misplaced, sign in to Samsung's Find My Mobile , which helps you locate your mobile phone, lock it, make it ring, forward messages or calls, see call logs, wipe your mobile as well as unlock your screen the last one is handy if you have forgotten your own lock screen password.

Instead of lugging around your Galaxy S3, grab yourself a Samsung Muse. Long battery life and an affordable price makes this a must-have accessory for your Galaxy S3. With this app, you can customize what kind of notification color gets attached the what kind of action. Want it to light up blue when you get an e-mail? How about yellow for when you get a text message? Easy peasy. This is an awesome way to get noticeable notifications without having to rely on a sound or vibration.

By using Tasker , you can automate all sorts of things on your Galaxy S3. You can have Tasker perform some crazy functions, such as changing data and connections settings based on time of day or apps. So, if you want to turn off data or WiFi during the night, Tasker will do this automatically. Tasker can do that too. With the new materials that Motorola has been exploring with their Moto X, it seems that wood is the way to go.

Bring a little bit of class to your device. One of the best ways to look after your Galaxy S3 better is to make the most out of its battery. Check out our guide to improving Galaxy S3 battery life. This makes sending larger files a lot easier. Setting it up is also easy to do.

When starting your Android in Safe Mode, like on your Windows PC, this will create a safe environment where third-party apps are not loaded. Here you can uninstall apps that are causing your phone problems, among other things. Check out our simple guide to safe mode on the Galaxy S3 for more info. Some users have reported that Wi-Fi will annoyingly drop out for no apparent reason. Here we cover some tips on how you can amend this pesky issue so you won't suffer from Wi-Fi dropping out on the Galaxy S3. Did you know that you can put a news feed on your Galaxy S3 lock screen?

In this tutorial, we'll show you how easily it can be done.

Turn on the Always on watch mode

We explain the steps in our tutorial. Did you know that this even existed? This walkthrough shows you how to access the hidden service menu on the Galaxy S3. A Galaxy S3 screenshot should be on every S3 owner's tips list! Not everyone has an unlimited data plan. Thankfully, you can take advantage of the Galaxy S3 and its ability to set data limits. You can also check back here later on to see how much data you have used and also which apps are using this data. Super helpful!

You can also set how long it takes before you device timeouts and locks the screen when there is no activity. By double tapping the Home button, the S3 will bring up S-Voice. If you're a news junkie, maybe you wish you could know the day's top stories even before you make it out of bed.

With the Daily Briefing, your phone will read to you the day's main headlines, the weather, and any appointments you may have lined up. By now, you probably know about the Galaxy S3's Pop-Up Play feature, which allows you to drag the video your watching over any other app and multi-task like a fiend.

But you probably didn't know that the Galaxy S3 also has a video screen locking feature which allows you to lock a video so that it's impossible to stop if you accidentally touch the screen. You can lock the video simply by pressing the power button once it's begun. If you've ever wished taking a call could be a bit simpler, you should check out this feature. You can also reject calls by swiping your hand above the phone's screen. This can be switched on or off in the Motion section of the Settings menu. Taking a group photo is inherently frustrating: But with the Galaxy S3, all you have to do is shout "shoot" at your phone and it'll take the photo.

Sure you'll look a bit unhinged, but it's better than taking a blurry, dull photo. Custom ringtones are great when you want to know who's calling, but what about when you need your phone to stay silent? Luckily, the Galaxy S3 allows you to set custom vibrations for different people, so that you can still tell who's calling even when your phone is in silent mode. Lots of phones make it easy to take a screenshot but the Galaxy S3 is arguably the easiest.

All you need to do is swipe the screen with your palm. That's it.

hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3
hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3
hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3
hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3
hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3
hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3
hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3
hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3

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