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Which ones should you be seen playing down the pub in order to appear credible to your games-obsessed iPhone-owning friends? Below is my personally chosen top Of course, Nokia's convention, to start using 'HD' in a game's title around the time of re-introducing GPUs to Symbian for the N8, C7 and C, is somewhat misguided, since "High Definition" implies greater resolution, whereas the games were all still nHD, the same as titles written for the Nokia two years previously. So yes, misleading, but hey, at least you get the idea At some point, developers stopped buying into the 'HD' naming kool-ade and the acronym was quietly dropped.

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Angry Birds is, of course, the acid test of whether a platform can be taken seriously for games these days. It would be great to be mentioning the 'Space' and 'Star Wars' variants here, but sadly I don't think there's much chance of these making it to Symbian at this stage. What this means is that you get a bunch of Angry Birds 'themes' in one, just pick your season and go for it.

And with the benefit that, if you get stuck on one level, just switch over to a different season and have a crack at that one instead. Still recommended. Reviewed here. Yes, it's true that staying in the air was a lot easier than it should have been "Stall? What's a stall? This might seem old school in terms of gaming, and you have to forgive the ugly black bar at the top of the screen, but start up Sky Force Reloaded on even a modern Symbian smartphone and it's action all the way.

10. Angry Birds Seasons

T hree difficulty levels mean that, whatever your reflexes and finger agility, you'll get a challenging game here. The default 'touch to drag' control method works well, apart from when the action gets tough and your fingers start to get sweaty! With a million things to shoot up, a million more things to avoid and tough end of level bosses, this is still a classic. At first, the top-down, rectangular sci-fi landscapes look unremarkable, but once underway, as your plucky robot explores level after level of a gigantic invading spaceship, combating ever larger and more powerful enemy robots along the way, you'll quickly get hooked.

The difficulty level is perfect, the graphics pixel-perfect, the scope of the game huge - in short, a modern Symbian Hit - with, yes, a capital 'h'.

Lego 42050 Drag Racer upgraded - real wheelies!

The cross-platform arcade puzzler, like Angry Birds, even running this will gain you credibility in an increasingly iOS-centric mobile gaming world. Download game Drag racing for free. Please, specify your device, and we will select compatible games.

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Refine your search All Folders Action. Game provides super excited and Sports Car Adventure x Sports Car adventure is quite interesting game. It will push your driving instincts Ride your Car to

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