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PHP Updated Dec 15, Swift Updated Aug 14, ImageTinder - browse images with Tinder cards! JavaScript Updated Apr 21, They rather intend to spam, and monetize quickly. User retention is pretty low in such cases.


Finally, whether you use a Dating app source code, app builders or custom development to build your app, you need to immerse yourself in the process to build a successful dating app. In the section below we will show you a possible approach to build MVP and optimize application features. For backend, you can have Javascript, PHP or any other language that you prefer.

The choice is completely subjective. The best way to move forward is by following a minimum viable product approach. You should be very careful on how you decide your minimum success. This happened when Tinder was about to move from 20k users to k users overnight. And it was extremely stressful for Sean. The following should be noted very carefully from her talk:.

Most commonly, we have seen the following features within dating apps: The goal here should be to create features for usability, performance and security. Though, care needs to be taken while implementing the swipe gestures. Chances are your implementation may not be optimized for the target audience. The following drastically affects user friendliness of your swipe transitions:.

The animation below nicely illustrate how the minor changes influence the experience of these swipe transitions. Find out what works best for your target audience and optimize swipe gestures. Some recommend standalone MongoDB for such apps, which is not the best way.

Android dating app source code

Most such recommendations arise from myths surrounding MongoDB, checkout the video below to learn about myths surrounding MongoDB. Tinder itself used MongoDB and ran into many issues.

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It got to a point where they were eventually forced to move their focus from product to scaling the service. Designing a database on MongoDB is a bit tricky. It requires you to plan in advance on what features you wish to implement, and what information you would need to extract. Using a caching mechanism eliminates the problem. Technology scalability should be at the center stage on your immediate product roadmap. Chris Lalonde, who scaled Ebay to millions of users spoke the following in context of scalability for startups:.

The graph below well illustrates importance of scalability from an ROI perspective. For most startups, the actual path looks something like shown in the graph below:. Server queue is basically a model of how your app will handle and process requests. Now, you can sit down with your product and development team to identify:. In next section, will help you optimize your dating app for a much better performance when it comes to node.

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As we told you earlier, node. A caching method would bring huge performance boost to node.

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  4. Any request with caching appears to have been processed instantaneously to a user. For the sake of simplicity, think about Caching as something that stores information temporarily so that it is easily retrievable when a user requests it again. Take the image below as a reference, without Caching in this case Nginx , your app would keep more than required socket connections opened up for no reasons.

    The blue lines indicate HTTP requests, the red lines indicates socket connections. Caching drastically reduces the number of calls that your app needs to make to your primary database. With their own ups and downs, there are three ways to implement caching in your app:.

    Or, you can have all of them serving different purposes within your app. Dating apps are often vulnerable. While building a MVP, the inability of a startup to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars is understandable. That being said, you should take care of the common easy to fix exploits. A common well know exploit is Trilalteration. How Trilalteration works? In order to get an accurate location of a user, all you need here is to just create three different profiles, with 3 arbitrary locations in these accounts.

    Anyone can then proceed with Trilateration to get a good approximate location of the target user. But, we see many apps are still doing that, compromising user security.

    Create the hottest dating app on the Play Store.

    Grindr, a gay dating app also shared information the same way as Tinder. Egyptian authorities exploited this information to get exact location of gay people and executed them. Once your code has been decompiled, attackers can:. Encryption and cryptographic hashes. Each communication your app makes with the server should be encrypted. A PGP based cryptographic encryption will suffice here. The security measures listed here are extremely easy and cost effective to implement, making the best security tech for a dating app MVP.

    The former requires users to refresh the app to get new messages, while in the later, the chat gets updates automatically. How to implement real time chat in your dating application? It just takes too much time and effort to build it. A better way is to either go with Firebase or OpenFire. They both provide XMPP protocols for chat functionality. Both are good options and often deliver equal results. If there are no budget constraints, you should go for Firebase, otherwise you can stick with Openfire.

    Many claim that the maximum number of simultaneous users Openfire can handle is 4, Unix like systems limits the number open requests Openfire can have. It usually is set as a default to 4, You can customize and increase it easily.

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